After 3 years of running playgroups, tutor groups and playdates I’ve got quite a store of games to encourage kids to learn Cantonese.  I’ll update this page regularly with new games and ideas for us all to play!

Using existing games

As it’s difficult to get games with Chinese characters on them in outside of China, the following suggestions will turn your existing games into Chinese learning opportunities.

Label games with Chinese

When trying to teach my eldest how to take turns I bought the Orchard Toys Supermarket game (you each have a shopping list and take turns selecting items to fill up your shopping cart).  I translated all the shopping items into Chinese and stuck them onto the back of each item so that, if he really tried to, my son could cheat by recognisng the Chinese.  A few pictures and the items I used are below and here is the translated list, including pronunciation and a document already formatted to print and cut out so you can easily stick to the back of the tiles.


Word recognition games


List of games here