My Cantonese isn’t very good, will my family benefit?
Any family learning or speaking Cantonese will enjoy our sessions.  Many attendees do not speak Cantonese well, although most understand to a basic level.  All of our materials (song sheets, games etc) are created in Cantonese and English, with a pronunciation guide so everyone can join in.

Can my non-Cantonese speaking partner join us?
Of course!  You will find many non-Cantonese speaking partners at each session of PlayCantonese, in fact, the range of languages at each session includes French, Italian and German as well as Cantonese and English.  Each session we are delighted to see bi- and tri- lingual families get together to share their mix of languages.

Are my kids too old / young to benefit?
PlayCantonese is designed to fill the gap until children can go to Chinese School so we are focused on the 0 – 4 year age range.  We believe that any language exposure is beneficial for very young children so have many babies happily absorbing the atmosphere, while their elder siblings join in with the games and singing.

Where is PlayCantonese held?
We have several sessions around the country, please check the Sessions page above for more information.  We also encourage volunteers to start their own local session.  Contact if you would like to purchase materials such as songboards and song sheets for a local session.

When is the next session?
Please check the calendar for all session information or subscribe via the link above to receive the weekly community email, which includes session reminders.

Can I arrive late for a session?
Yes, of course you can!  However, be aware that all sessions have end times and arriving late limits the amount of time that can be spent enjoying the activities.  We all know how hard it is to get out of the house with young children so would never turn away someone who makes the effort to attend a session.

Is there car parking or space for pushchairs?
Most of our sessions are run in public places and you can easily check their own websites for travel information.  Where sessions are run in people’s houses, I would suggest you check online for parking and bank on having to fold pushchairs up.

How do I get to your sessions?
Within London travel information is easily available via  Outside of London, please check individual session location websites.

Can I come for a taster session?
All of our sessions are on a pay-per-session basis or they are free.  This means that you are welcome to come along for a session whenever you can get the kids out of the door!

Do I need to book?
Please check the details of your specific session on the PlayCantonese calendar regarding booking.  Most sessions do not require booking but some rely on a minimum number of parents to cover room rental.

I have more questions, how can I contact you?
I no longer operate an inbox but try the following groups and resources:

Cantonese Parents, Babies & Toddlers Facebook Group
British Born Chinese Facebook Group
英國媽媽會 Facebook Group
Nursery rhymes available for download
antonese Sheik Forums